I found a second pillow and laid it on top of the one in the center of the bed.  I really wanted it to feel like Her body —  Her curves, Her warmth, the pale skin that was so inviting in the photos i’d seen of Her.  i’d spent most of the day before talking about Her to everyone i’d met, telling them how suddenly things had started between She and i and how easily we’d made plans to meet…and how excited and amazed i was to feel so desired by Her.  i’m sure i sounded like i was just bragging, but i couldn’t help it — She almost never leaves my mind anymore…we haven’t met and She’s already possessed me in a way.

Most of all i thought about what She wanted to with me — Her plans to take Her pleasure from me, to drink it from my lips, draw it out of my breath, to soak it up from my very skin.  The more She told me the more it seemed She was way past just playing or even topping me.  It was like She meant to possess me, experience me, to seep into my blood and become part of me…and make me part of Her.  She had become the Queen Sorceress and i was the raw materials for Her masterpiece incantation.

I put out the light and went over to the bed.  As i undressed, i imagined Her eyes on me, admiring, treasuring, wanting.  Even thought the room was dark, i closed my eyes to see Her better, to hear only Her voice, to be there with Her.

“You are beautiful.  Trust me on that,” She said, Her voice soft in tone but certain and strong underneath.

“Thank You, Miss,”  I whispered back.

Her voice lowered.  “Finish undressing, then stand still before me.  Let me see you.”

“Yes, Miss.”  i did as i was told.

“Do you feel my eyes on you?  Do you feel my gaze?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“I’ve read all about you,”  She said.  “I know everything you want and all that you need.  And i know that you’ll please me because you haven’t a choice.  Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Miss.”

i felt Her smile in the darkness.  “Come to bed then,”  she said, a husky edge in Her voice.  “I’ve waited long enough.”

i climbed into the bed.  the sheets were warm and soft against me and Her curves pressed into me.  i sighed gently, eager to sink, to find bottom, to find Sanctuary.

“Come lay in My arms, my pet,”  She said.  “I want to touch you.”

The curves of Her body pressed into my back and i let my head rest on Her shoulder.  Her breathing was slow and deep, identical to my own.

“Yes,”  She gently hissed into my ear.  “Now you are Mine.”  Her hands were cool as She began to touch me in the warm cocoon of blankets and skin.  i shivvered at first, but unclenched my body and let Her fingertips, palms. nails find me over and over.  She ran her nails over the scars on my chest, long a part of me, but still tender to the touch.  i gasped and bit my lip.  “Beautiful marks,”  She said lovingly.  “I shall add my own to your skin before i release you.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Her hands explored my torso as i fought not to arch my body out of Her grasp.  Her search felt perfunctory, as She seemed to know where i was most vulnerable, most sensitive, most open to Her magics.  My nipples, small but filled with blood, my sides, sensitive just short of being ticklish, the soft skin around my navel (“An outie!  Delightful” She exclaimed), the soft skin, just above my pubic hair, inexplicably sensitive — so she touched me there often. my cock, erect of course — She caressed it with a moistened hand while i gasped and squeezed my eyes shut.

“Mine…Mine…all Mine,”  She murmured over and over…a Witch-Queen casting Her spell.  i couldn’t think of anything else i would rather be.

Suddenly she stopped Her touching.  “Turn over,” She ordered.  Of course i did as commanded.  “Look into My eyes,”  She said sternly.

“Look at Me.”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Look at Me,” now a whisper.

“Yes, Miss.”

“Don’t stop looking at Me.”

“Yes, Miss.

The first bite was to my lower lip, soft at first, but then harder and still harder, nearly drawing blood.  i kept looking into Her eyes, flashing with lust and joy.  She ran her tongue over the marks She made, letting a drop of saliva trickle off the bottom of my lip.  i kept looking into Her eyes.  She fixed her mouth to my neck, sucking slowly i imagined the bruise it would leave and how proudly i’d wear it.  i cheated and closed my eyes as She dipped to taste my neck, my chest, Her tongue leaving warm, wet trails on my skin that cooled and burned at the same time.  i couldn’t control my breathing:  one breath deep and full, the next short and ragged, the next just an empty gasp as She found some new spot, some new chink in my everyday armor, some new portal to access my heart and my soul.  i couldn’t control anything…all i could do was fall…fall…fall…

Bragging again?

“Look at me.”

“Yes, Miss.”

“What is this?”  She asked, smiling slyly.

“It’s my cock, Miss,” i said haltingly, gasps falling between the words.



“It’s MineAll Mine.  Isn’t it?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Do you think My cock would like to come, pet?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“I think it would too, ”  She said,  grinning.

“Yes, Miss.”

“Such a smart boy,”  She said, biting into my neck again.

The orgasm seemed to come from the center of my spine, radiating outward, muscles cinching and cramping, then circling to my cock where the release  came.  i pressed my face into the pillow half-weeping, half-grunting as she whispered “Come for Me…come for Me…Are you coming?”  fainter and fainter.

i opened my eyes, the room was quiet…she had vanished.  But i knew she would return the next time i wished for her…maybe in the shower tomorrow.