I did not write this.  Amazingly, it was written about meIf you think I wasn’t going to show it off, think again…

He knocked, heart pounding, and palms damp. Hearing her move beyond the door, he struggled not to look down; he knew she was watching him through the peep hole. And then the chain slid, and the door opened.

She stood with her eyes on his, and there was a small smile on her lips. She took his hand, brought him into the room, and let the door shut behind them.  Gently, she placed her hands on his shoulders and guided him to the wall of the tiny hallway. She still hadn’t spoken, and he had forgotten to try.

Her fingers moved over his neck, caressing his skin, and his eyes closed at her touch. He could feel the breath on his chest as she brought her face close, kissing him on the neck, her arms holding him now. The kisses were light, and landed randomly, and as she pulled back to look into his eyes, she smiled.

The air he had been holding was released in a long sigh and she reached up, pulling his face to hers, running her thumb across his lips. Her mouth replaced the finger, and she tasted him. Her tongue dipped into his mouth, the hold on him grew stronger, and she leaned into him. Enjoying herself, she let loose a small moan, and she felt his hand in her hair, clenched tightly.

Pulling back, she placed a finger on his lips, and instruction to be quiet, and removed his shirt, running her hands over his chest, stopping to tease his nipples, testing how ticklish he was, and where. Her hand was so pale against his dark skin, and it was beautiful. His pants followed, and he stood there bare in front of her.

She leaned into him, her mouth at his ear, and she whispered, “On your knees.”

He swallowed, and knelt before her in the middle of the room. Before he had time to settle, she brought her hand back and slapped him across the face. He rocked to the side, his cheek on fire, and warmth in his belly. His cock was hard, his nipples tight, and goose bumps rose on his arms as she walked around him to the dresser and took out a pair of cuffs and a set of nipple clamps attached on a chain. Raising his arms above his head, she clasped the metal around first one wrist, then the other.  Then, chuckling as he gasped at the pain, she affixed the clamps.

Bringing a chair to rest facing him, she sat and crossed her leg in front of him.

“Kiss my toes, my beautiful boy.”

His mouth was on them before she finished the sentence. Bending slightly, he kissed her toes, running his tongue over the tops of her feet, and in between her toes. It was difficult; because of the handcuffs, he had lost some of his balance, and he struggled to please her and not fall over.  Slowly she withdrew her foot, tangled her toes in the chain of the clamps, and tugged gently. He exhaled sharply through his teeth, and moaned a little as the pain increased.

Abruptly she withdrew her foot, and repeated the process with the other foot. She was delighted at how attentive he was, how well he responded to her caresses, and to the pain she gave him.

Leaning forward in the chair, she brought her face close to his, and laid her teeth on his lips, biting softly at first, and then harder, slipping a kiss in. He was so focused on this that he was startled by her hand on his cock. She stroked him gently, almost absently, and pulled again on the chain. His body shuddered at the overload of sensations.

Standing, she told him to get to his feet, and as he stood there in the middle of the room, she returned to the dresser to select a flogger and to retrieve the key for the cuffs. Removing the metal from his wrists, she massaged the creases they had left in his skin, and rubbed his shoulders as he brought his arms down to his sides.

“Face the wall, with your arms up.”

“Yes, miss.”

She ran her hands down his back, over his hips, gently kissing his shoulders, and then slipped a finger in between the chain again to tug wickedly. She smiled at his whimper of pain, and slapped his ass playfully as she moved to take her position behind him.

She swung rapidly, right and left, making sure to hit everywhere from his shoulders to his upper thighs. The strands would wrap around his side, between the cheeks of the butt that he had clenched tightly, and he would moan in pain. Her breath became heavy, a light sweat on her face appeared, and she continued on until she was satisfied.

“Stay there.”

“Yes, miss.”

The riding crop was like fire on his already warmed skin. Stripes appeared on his back, diagonal and horizontal, all the way to the tops of his buttocks. She would stop and caress his hot skin, and his body would sag against the wall.

When she had discarded the crop, she disrobed behind him. Gently, she pressed her body to his back, and removed the clamps. As the blood began to flow again in those sensitive peaks, she rubbed and caressed them, and turning him to her, lowered her mouth to them.

Taking his hands again, she pulled him towards the bed.